In my spare time, I like to camp, cook, body surf, build furniture, play table tennis, and take road trips.

   Exploring nature  — Lone Pine

Exploring nature — Lone Pine

   Morning bodysurfing  — Beach

Morning bodysurfing — Beach

  Building my bed   — Dad's Garage

Building my bed — Dad's Garage

  Stroll through the city   — New York

Stroll through the city — New York

   High tide  — Victoria Beach

High tide — Victoria Beach

  Hitting up the trails  — Big Bear

Hitting up the trails — Big Bear

  Making breakfast   — Chickenfoot Lake

Making breakfast — Chickenfoot Lake

  Family trip   — Leo Carrillo

Family trip — Leo Carrillo

   Sunset on the river  — Nashville

Sunset on the river — Nashville

  First catch   — Fifth Lake

First catch — Fifth Lake

  Visiting the Alps   — Switzerland

Visiting the Alps — Switzerland

  Lighting up the sky   — Iceland

Lighting up the sky — Iceland

  Conquering the Narrows   — Zion

Conquering the Narrows — Zion

  Morning coffee with a view   — First Lake

Morning coffee with a view — First Lake

  Playing with rocks   — Joshua Tree

Playing with rocks — Joshua Tree

  Building a picnic table   — Backyard

Building a picnic table — Backyard

  Sunset in the hills   — Paramount Ranch

Sunset in the hills — Paramount Ranch

  Finding a good spot   — Big Pine

Finding a good spot — Big Pine

  Lunch with Taryn   — The Park

Lunch with Taryn — The Park

   Day five  — Lost Coast Trail

Day five — Lost Coast Trail

  Low tide   — Lost Coast Trail

Low tide — Lost Coast Trail

  Trekking through the wilderness   — Inyo

Trekking through the wilderness — Inyo

   A good book  — Leo Carrillo

A good book — Leo Carrillo

   Finding the beach  — San Diego

Finding the beach — San Diego

  My lovely niece   — Oceanside

My lovely niece — Oceanside

   Walking through sand  — Pismo

Walking through sand — Pismo

  Misty falls   —   Gullfoss

Misty falls — Gullfoss

  Waiting for the fish   — Backcountry

Waiting for the fish — Backcountry

  Pizza for breakfast   — Backyard

Pizza for breakfast — Backyard

  Wave watching   — Manhattan Beach

Wave watching — Manhattan Beach

  Sunrise   — San Francisco

Sunrise — San Francisco

   All wheel drive  — Pismo

All wheel drive — Pismo

  Going upstream   — Utah

Going upstream — Utah

   Close quarters  — LCT

Close quarters — LCT

  Sleeping in   — Lone Pine Cabin

Sleeping in — Lone Pine Cabin

  Taking in the view   — Train

Taking in the view — Train